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our story


We love fashion and we feel fully responsible for the products we multiply into this world! Creating sustainable fashion is absolutely possible and despite all limitations we aim to make it pretty fashionable too! 

WE BANDITS is a sustainable Viennese fashion brand, run by its founder Sophie Pollak. Born and raised in Vienna, she studied fashion at the Fashion Institute Vienna and the University of Applied Arts under Bernhard Willhelm and gained experience working for international fashion brands before starting her own adventure with WE BANDITS. 

The name WE BANDITS is meant to describe the freedom of choice and breaking new ground. The store in Vienna with its independent Korean designer brands was the first of its kind in Europe and is still a hidden gem for fashion lovers of all kinds. Our own collection shall now earn and raise the same reputation with its fully sustainable collection. 

Our goal is to create clothes that support your natural magnificence, a wardrobe that makes you feel strong, free and invincible, attractive and confident - we believe this is what all women should feel like, everyday! Read more about our collection HERE.

We believe in and enjoy a close relationship with our customers. Feel free to contact us any time via email at support@webandits.eu


A lot of love, joy and mindfulness goes into all the details that make WE BANDITS so special. We strive to continue that way - always!