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our sustainability approach


We believe in sustainability as the only way into a future we all can enjoy. We strive to create products that are produced fair and sustainable and show great quality, comfort and style!

The fashion industry, just like any other big industry, is only at the beginning of a long journey of change but we are passionate about being part of this movement and aim to push further. Beside using sustainable materials and fair production, an essential part of sustainability is sharing knowledge and offering great customer service.

One thing we want to communicate openly is our love for colors and prints which is where we decided to compromise. Dyeing and printing is generally not yet possible in a fully sustainable way but our research in this field is ongoing, following new techniques and working with agencies dedicated to solving this issue.

Beside that, all components of our production are fair, sustainable and high quality. We have decided to include you on the journey of growing a sustainable and fashionable collection and stay fully transparent about all choices we make. In the following section you find information about our production, packaging and materials. Please also check our FAQ and the sustainability guide for more information. In the materials&care section of each product we provide a detailed list of components. 

If there are still unanswered questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at


We never compromise on fair production and quality. Staying in close contact with all our manufacturers is a pleasure and helps us to improve our products and our business as a whole. We currently produce in small facilities in Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey. 


Our packaging is made of 100% recycled paper, printed with water-based ink. We also offer you the option of used packaging at the checkout. Unwrapping a present sparks a lot of joy which is why we wrap your items but use unbleached recycled silk paper for that. 


We use natural fibers with a low impact on the environment or fabrics made in a closed loop process, some of which we have developed from scratch. Currently we work with linen, organic cotton, RWS certified wool, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and Cupro (Bemberg™) but will continue to explore new directions like algae based fibers.


All elastics we use are made from organic cotton and REACH certified natural caoutchouc. They are fully biodegradable and crafted in Austria. 

Buttons are GOTS certified MOP (mother of pearl) or made of Corozo Nut. 

We are currently using sewing yarns made of Lyocell (plastic free) but will eventually move towards recycled polyester in some items to improve the quality - detailed information are to be found in the material&care section of each item.

All Labels are made either from recycled polyester (using up stock) or organic cotton moving towards a 100% organic cotton rate.

We currently use two different interfacings: recycled polyester interfacing and regular interfacing due to a lack of thin sustainable alternatives but working on it and hope to have a solution soon.

Pipings are all made of 100% organic cotton, covered with the fabric used for the garment. (plastic free)

Zippers - we currently work with the sustainable program of YKK and use Lyocell and Organic Cotton Zippers. In the future we might investigate those options as well: GreenRise™, Nautulon™ and etc.


One might argue that by producing something new we are already blameworthy - well, in a small community where no-one creates any pollution that would be correct, but acting in a world as it is, counting +/- 8 billion people, consumption won’t go away over night which is why creating sustainable low impact products is essential.

We also believe that creation and self expression are an essential part of human culture. Fashion, art, music, food, architecture, interior design - it all reflects who we are as individuals and as a society. We create to feel seen, to live up to our idea of who we are, to inspire and more. Our second skin can be our armor or our personal statement of expression.

The joy of self expression through fashion is in many cultures an intrinsic desire and sparks a lot of joy and creativity. We see it as our responsibility to passionately create sustainable fashion that has a low impact on our environment and lasts many seasons before you turn it into something else. It is mandatory to us to treat everyone in the supply chain with the utmost respect and also to stay informed about new developments when it comes to sustainable solutions.


Openly, that is for sure, because transparency is key! We are open for suggestions and constructive criticism - please get in touch via email at

We take our responsibility very seriously and hope you enjoy the outcome as much as we do! We follow our intuition and your desires and needs - let us know what you dream of and we try to make it happen!

Spread love, joy and mindfulness! 

Be amazed by yourself and the world! 

Never stop nurturing your inner child!